Can Feature Media help with the script?

Even before scriptwriting begins, we will have conducted a fairly rigorous discovery meeting in order to help you develop your brief in full.

Once we have all the information, a first draft of the script is written ready for your comments – you may have forgotten to mention something or want to use a particular phrase to explain something.

From experience, we also know how many words fit per minute of screen time, both for an interview and voice-over style, so our first draft really is a useful guide – many people have a tendancy to go absolutely blank if they're left to write a draft script or write 'War and Peace' – both of which are a waste of your time.

Whilst a full script can be written for any voice-over parts, if you want to include interviews, we deal with those in a slightly different way – working out what you want the answers to be and developing the questions that need to be asked. Trying to get interviewees to remember a script never works well – people always get hung up on certain words and phrases – making them feel less and less confident and impacting production time. We use a 'script' to prompt – often businesses leave us to do the interviews alone so its important we get the answers they want from interviewees.

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