How Manufacturers Can Save Money Using Training Videos

How Training Videos Save Manufacturers Money

Are you spending too much time and money delivering staff training? A high quality video could be the solution.

At Feature Media we work with market leading manufacturers who understand the importance of a top training program and recognise the useful role video can play in that educational process.

"The film was delivered on time and is being used in our training sessions with buyers. It moves training away from the factory and means that we can deliver training to more people." Jane Waugh, Director of FW Group

Video can help you...

- Deliver a thorough and consistent training plan

- Reduce training time

- Free you up to concentrate on other areas of the business

A successfully implemented training video can also reduce support time and errors, saving money for your business which you can easily measure.

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To learn more about how video can make training more effective and save your company money, speak to our Sales Director, Julie Tumilty, on 0113 220 5265.

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Posted by Julie Tumilty on 20 April 2015

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