Melett are an international turbocharger manufacturing company who recently opened a...

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What we provided:




Graphics / 3D



Melett are an international turbocharger manufacturing company who recently opened a factory in China. They wanted a 5-minute promotional film to highlight the quality of their manufacturing processes and their state-of-the-art facililty.

What we did

We worked with Melett to develop a script which reflects their key messages as a global brand leader in replacement turbocharger parts.

"The film was created as part of the launch of our new manufacturing facility in China and our extended production facility in the UK.  Ian worked with me to create a script to fully understand the process of manufacture and then used this to prompt the relevant people on camera in the relevant departments.  This worked well. The film captured the detail throughout, and the outcome hit the nail on the head!"
Victoria Mellor, International Marketing Manager, Melett  

We spent two days in production filming at their new facility outside of Shanghai. (See our blog)  Because it was important to Melett that customers appreciate how important quality control is for them they wanted the film to show all aspects of the factory itself and to follow the progress of various manufactured parts. 

"We were/are keen to show Melett as the manufacturer, rather than simply a supplier, by giving the viewer a behind the scenes look at our internal production...The video goes right through the manufacturing processes over in China and then back to the UK...and concludes with an insight into Melett’s new and much expanded UK Core Production Facility."
Victoria Mellor, International Marketing Manager, Melett

We used scenes which flowed through the production process in order to do that. The film clearly demonstrates the high quality and UK design, engineering, and testing which take place. 

We edited the film, produced graphics, and because Melett are an international company doing business all over the world, translated the film into seven different languages.     


The results

According to Melett's Victoria Mellor: "The film has been sent to all contacts on our books, old and new and around our other subsidiaries in Poland, North America, Latin America and China and to all their customers.  The feedback has been fantastic – some comments below:"

"Wow Victoria. That is superb on so many levels. Well done to you, the team and all the people involved in the making. Top job."
Martyn Howorth, Melett, Latin America

"Movie looks awesome !  I can’t wait to go out with final version to my customers.  Great job, I`m really impressed :-)"
Wojciech Klimek, Melett, Polska

"I think an Emmy is in order here! Very well done."
Kenny Taylor, Melett, North America 

The film is being used at major exhibitions around the world, recently in Germany and in the USA. 

"We had the video rotating as a screen saver on four 42-inch plasma screens at Automechanika exhibition in Frankfurt last month. This was very eye catching with many people stopping to have a look. The fast pace of the video seemed to gain people's interest. I’ve yet to hear a bad comment about it."
Victoria Mellor, International Marketing Manager, Melett

"Working with Feature Media was great! They were very flexible and accommodating to our requirements. We will continue to work with FM."
Victoria Mellor, International Marketing Manager, Melett

- Using it on Linked IN, website and twitter.  IAN suggested links back to MC website at end of Youtube video descriptions.
- Sending it out internally to celebrate/ communicate success across the faculties.
- Using the films on a screen looping in a visitor breakout area
- Martin might use in presentations, although it might be too long.


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