10 benefits of using video to train manufacturing employees

5th February 2020

In manufacturing it’s necessary to offer regular training to employees. This could be site safety videos for new staff, user guides for new machinery, or explaining systems and processes. Rather than using traditional training techniques for this, many manufacturers are turning to video to fulfil their training needs. 

In the last few years we’ve seen a huge rise in the number of training video briefs from our manufacturing clients. From our experience, we’ve put together the top 10 benefits of using video to train manufacturing employees.

1. Video is cost effective 

Face-to-face training can get expensive – particularly if it’s on an area or topic which needs to be repeated regularly. The beauty of a training video is that it can sit on a server or intranet and be accessed again and again, when needed.

2. Video fits around employee schedules

There’s no need to consider travel plans or arranging a day everyone can attend a training course, leading to a drop in productivity for a day whilst the team completes training. Employees can fit watching and completing the training around their other work schedules.

3. Video provides an improved training experience

Everyone learns differently and at different speeds. Video works because employees can learn at their own pace in a non-pressured environment. This can improve confidence levels and increase their chance of remembering what they learn. 

4. Video bridges knowledge and skills gaps 

Video-led training enables employers to plug gaps in knowledge and make sure employees of all levels have access to the information they need. From detailed how-to’s on machinery operation to bite-sized trouble-shooting answers, video can deliver the right information at the right time.  

5. Video encourages collaboration

Each person in an organisation has a specific role and experience and knowledge they can share with other team members. Video enables those employees to share quick tips and useful insight, building respect between co-workers across all levels. 

6. Video simplifies complex subjects

Training videos can break down complex processes into bitesize explanations or demonstrations. The combination of visual explanations and direct instructions delivered in small chunks can help employees get to grips with new machinery or software. 

7. Video involves employees in the customer journey

Keep employees up to date on service expectations in your video library. Providing basic level training on how to process payments, understand ordering systems through to complaint handling and maintaining the company’s reputation can reap huge rewards for customer service levels.

8. Video helps develop proficient managers

Video is a great way to provide management coaching, through management knowledge sharing or animations explaining latest leadership skills. This can be great for employees who are working their way up the hierarchy. 

9. Video creates consistency 

Give all employees a dedicated training programme, this will help improve engagement and productivity levels. Using video for training, especially in situations such as onboarding new employees provides transparency and structure to ensure all have the same training opportunities.  

10. Video is measurable 

With traditional training methods, it’s not easy to track if employees are actually engaging with learning. Video provides useful metrics such as number of views, whether a video has been viewed all the way through, if it has been watched more than once and more. This could help evaluate employee learning styles and adapt training to meet different needs in the future. 

Ultimately, video will help you create tailored training programmes bespoke to your company and improve your employees’ professional development journeys. The result is effective team collaboration, increased productivity and better customer service. 

How can video help your company thrive? Contact us at hello@featuremedia.co.uk or call us on 0113 2205265 for a consultation and find out how we can develop a personalised strategy to produce your training videos.

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