Behind the Scenes: Perfecting in Post Production

17th February 2022

Last year we filmed a promotional video for AP+ Storage and Fulfilment. This involved filming on location at their purpose-built storage facility. Filming went well but as with most things we film, we were asked to make a few tweaks in post-production.  

Prior to filming, AP+ asked us to tidy up knocks and scuffs on their forklift trucks. 

Using Adobe After Effects, we used a reference Frame, which automatically exports a frame from the video into Photoshop. Once in Photoshop, the image can be retouched. The image is then masked in, and motion tracked onto the original video.  It’s pretty important that the video footage is shot in as high resolution as possible. At least HD but 4K or more is better. This technique can be used to retouch anything meaning you don’t have to reshoot footage you may think is unusable. See our screen capture clip below for further insight into changes made on Plant Machinery. 

A similar technique was used in the footage below. The warehouse used by AP+ is shared by other companies in the Andrew Porter group so logos from other companies in the group were shot in the original drone footage of the warehouse. To avoid confusion and make sure the AP+ brand stood out, we removed the other logos in postproduction.

The locations we film are often places of work, not film sets, so we don’t expect them to be perfect. These examples show how we’re able to make any location work and clean up tired-looking machinery, remove untidy cabling and even unwanted moss and grass from rooves. These techniques can also be used to rebrand products, if a company is bought our or rebrands, without us having to reshoot sections of the video with the old branding.

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