Choosing a production company that’s right for you

21st March 2018

Are you hoping to steadily increase your online video presence? If so, is there a chance that you would like to explore various types of video? Finding a production company that offers a variety of video concepts is always beneficial, as you have the chance to use videos ranging from training videos all the way through to TV adverts, whilst concurrently creating a long-running relationship with them.

Forming this kind of partnership means that they will undoubtedly gather a clear understanding of your business’ objectives, and in turn, the videos produced will remain suitable and identifiable to your brand. Whilst if you choose to constantly swap between companies, this will cause you the hassle of finding a new production company and attempting to match the level of knowledge about your business each time someone new is introduced.

A useful tip when researching into your potential service is to have a look on their website. Alongside the generic research such as viewing some of their previous work, and possibly looking where they are based, be sure to have a look at their ‘About Us’ page. You may find that their team of creatives are shown, perhaps with a little biography about them. At first, this could simply seem like a friendly approach from the company, but customers such as yourselves can make the most of this opportunity and identify that publicly displaying their profiles suggests that they are specialists in their field. Whilst there are definitely creative individuals who can perform various skills including video, animation, editing and marketing alone, having a team of experts who each spend their time excelling in one area of the industry, usually equates to a more robust and professional level of content.

A showreel or portfolio page is also useful to view, as you can then assume whether the quality of their existing work is high enough for the expectations of your future video. It also suggests the amount of experience they have in video production, which is always assuring for you, rather than just showing one project that they’re proud of – if that’s the case, why aren’t they showing any more?

When searching for a production company, it isn’t always clear how many services they can provide. For instance, some might simply film and edit your video, but have no part in the pre-production side of things. This is a factor which you’d need to know before any aspect of your video’s production gets underway, as you wouldn’t want to find yourself in a scenario where your video either doesn’t include your key messages (a pre-production error), or additional things need adding to it such as motion graphics or a narration (a post-production setback), where further outsourcing would be needed. Therefore, do some research and find out what services the companies in contention offer, to try and figure out which would be the most cost-effective for you.

At Feature Media, we are a full-service, in-house production company who are able to plan, shoot and deliver your videos, whether this is video or animation. With all of our staff a phone call or email away, we provide a smooth and hassle-free process from conception to completion. If you would like a conversation with one of our friendly but professional team, please call 0113 220 5265.

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