How to Improve Your Customer Retention Rate With Video

8th July 2021

Every business should ideally have a dedicated marketing strategy aimed at customer retention and relationship building. On average it tends to be between five and twenty-five (%) more expensive to acquire a new customer than retaining an existing one. While every business does still need to target new customers, once you have them, you must dedicate time to retaining as many of them as possible. Once a customer becomes loyal to your business they can start to act as a brand ambassador, they’ll be more likely to recommend you, meaning your customer acquisition cost will be lower. Studies have found that increasing your customer retention from as little as 5% can lead to an increase of profits by 25% to 95%   

One of the most effective ways to market towards previous customers is using video. Video is a very effective way of engaging your audience and ensuring their continued loyalty to your business. In this blog, we will share some ideas for how you could use video in your customer retention marketing strategy.   

1. Social media videos   

Social media is a great way to stay in regular contact with your customers. The best thing about social media videos is that short and sweet is best, so they don’t take long to make and don’t have to involve a big budget. Creating a shareable video also means you add the opportunity of your customer’s sharing, introducing a new audience to your video content and business. Social video generates. 1200% more shares than text and image content combined, which proves the shareability of video.   

2. Personalised videos   

When you use personalised videos your customer retention rate can go up to 35% compared to non-personalised videos.  

Personalised video is a video that has been customised for each induvial viewer. This can be done by inserting the viewer’s name, email, job title, profile image, company name, logo, etc directly into the video content.  

When you start to build a connection with your customers using a personalised video that speaks directly to them can build very strong relationships. Better still if you identify your customer’s individual pain points and directly speak to how you can help solve them this will form feelings of trust towards your business. Segmenting your customers and then creating videos for those groups will propel your customer retention. We recommend sending your personalised videos directly by email, so having a database or CRM with previous customer’s emails and buying details is a vital part of your marketing strategy.    

3. Sharing announcements  

When you release a new product or service, hire a new employee or move into a new office space, you’re excited to share the news. A loyal customer base will be just as excited as you. Sharing important updates by video can really capture the attention of your community. 72% of consumers say that they prefer to find out about a product from a video, so utilising video for product or service announcements can really boost your engagement.   

4. Company culture videos   

Giving insight into your company’s culture is a great way to make your business feel more personable. Showing the real people and great personalities behind your business shows authenticity. Next time you’re at a work social considering shooting some behind-the-scenes video and sharing it to your social channels.   

5. Informative videos    

Sharing valuable information with previous customers helps not only with retention but also shows you to be knowledgeable within your industry. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text, video is a great way to help educate your customers. Blog posts containing videos have triple the amount of inbound links compared to blog posts without videos, which means that they are also a great tool for SEO.   

Here’s an example of one of our own how to videos on YouTube optimisation, click here to view it.  

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