Instagram Video Advertising: Best Practices for Effective Video Adverts

1st November 2021

The very first video-sharing function was introduced on Instagram all the way back in 2013. Since then, Instagram has added Stories, IGTV, live streaming, and Reels, all video sharing features. Many of the new video features were added to compete with more video-focused platforms such as YouTube and TikTok. Now Instagram users spend half their time on the app consuming video. This really highlights how popular video has become. Instagram has a reputation of being a photo-centric app and despite this, they continue to push video.   

Video on Instagram now receives more engagement than pictures, which means it is a tool your business should be utilizing when marketing on the platform. We’ve put together a blog of the best practices when using video for advertising on Instagram. 

1. Design your video content for smart phones

Instagram is a mobile-first platform, meaning that all its content should be designed to be seen on a mobile phone. Mobile users today rarely rotate their phones horizontally. When asked 72% of millennials said they don’t rotate their phone to watch video.  

When posting an advert on the main feed it needs to be square (1080×1080). If you’re posting a Story, an IGTV or a Reel it should be vertical (1080×1920). Although Instagram does allow for other dimensions of video to be uploaded, you should aim to stick to the dimensions above. Square and vertical videos take up more of a user’s screen, meaning your advert requires more attention. Read our blog on resizing video by clicking here. If you need support in doing this, get in touch, we can do it for you. 

2. Keep it short 

Generally, short video performs better on Instagram, as video length goes up, watch time drops. Your video should quickly and efficiently put your message across. 

Users are often quickly scrolling through their feeds quickly, so the first few seconds are the most important for capturing attention. Clips with a lot of movement in the first seconds work well. 

3. Design for audio off  

When scrolling on Instagram, video is automatically muted until the user taps for sound. 83% of users watch videos on mute and this number increases to 92% on mobile so it’s important to add captions or text to your video. This means that your video will be more accessible to more users, increasing views.  

4. Make adverts that blend in  

Your advert should try and blend into a user’s feed as naturally as possible. When your advert blends effortlessly into the other content around it, audiences are more likely to stop and watch for longer. This means making your advert not overly promotional, you should be seen to be providing value to your audience.  

5. Test different versions of your advert  

Instagram allows you to A/B split test your. By testing your advert and trying out different elements you can gradually improve your conversion rate. You can test things such as length, calls to action, landing pages, messaging, and so on. Creating the perfect advert will involve testing many different versions, don’t expect to get a high converting advert the first time. 

6. Optimise your landing page for mobile users 

Instagram allows you to add buttons to adverts, which link to landing pages. Since a majority of users will be using Instagram on their mobile, ensure the landing pages you are linking to are optimised for mobile users. The customer journey, from engagement to action, should be as seamless as possible. 

For advice and support around Instagram video campaigns, please get in touch. Click here for our contact page.  

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