BookingTek- App release in lockdown

Feature Media helps BookingTek release new software in lockdown

“As a busy business leader, Feature Media really listen, understand what I want to do and support with the development of ideas. They also turn things around quickly, which is really important when you need to launch new products and develop features quickly to support customers.” 

Matthew Stubbs, BookingTek

BookingTek is a software business focused on producing digital solutions for the hospitality industry. BookingTek built the first online meeting booking and payment system for the hotel industry. They have gone on to produce a range of innovative products that include TableRes, a floor management system that allows restaurants to take reservations on their own websites.  They most recently launched TableRes app, a digital ordering platform that enables customers to order on any device over the web, mobile, or in person. The app enables a contactless customer journey in restaurants. It also supports pickup at the table, counter or curbside, drive-thru, and via delivery.  

The Brief

Matthew Stubbs the CEO and founder of BookingTek approached us after a successful email campaign at the end of June 2020.  Matthew was looking to promote the release of a new app, TableRes. As the first lockdown was lifted there was a new demand for hospitality software that lessened face-to-face interaction. The app allowed many restaurants and hotels to remain open whilst also ensuring that they complied were social distancing rules. 

It was curial to Matthew that there was a quick turn around on this project, as this app solved many of the problems the hospitality sector was facing. Matthew wanted to create three separate videos for each hospitality sector he wanted to target. Each video would be fairly similar but have slight differences in message, depending on if they were intended for quick-service restaurants, full-service restaurants, or hotels serving food and beverages. 

The Process

We start almost all projects with scriptwriting, and this is because it drives the narrative of the video and directs what images we need for the project. With Matthew having the best technical knowledge of the TableRes app he preferred to write the scripts for the video, in this instance. 

With the scripts that Matthew had written for us, we initially created one video with a guide track voice over. This was done so amends could be made to the scripts and it could be sense checked. These initial drafts also allowed Matthew to get a feel for what kind of images he would like played alongside the voice overs. We then produced a final version of one video first. Because they were similar, we wanted to set the style for one video first. Once this was signed off, we produced drafts for the rest. Ultimately creating one video first, reduced the number of amends that had to be made on the final videos, this ended up saving both time and money. 


Once Matthew was happy with the scripts, we went on to source a voice actor for the voice over. It was important to Matthew to have an American voice actor as the US was the main market for the product. 

As these videos were made during a period of national lockdown, we had to think creatively about how to create footage whilst still complying with lockdown rules. We couldn’t do any onsite filming which meant we had to use stock footage. Matthew also wanted a short demo of the app in each video. We were given early access to the TableRes app which allowed us to film some in-house footage of the app in action. We carried out risk assessments and observed Covid-19 restrictions, whilst filming the app footage. 

Each video begins with an animated infographic. These statistics were important to Matthew as he wanted to be able to show people within the hospitality sector that there was a demand for the app. All of the animated footage was created in-house at Feature Media.   

The Result

BookngTek was very happy with the outcome of the videos. The videos now feature on their website. Matthew still uses the videos when he meets with potential clients to help show the advantages of using TableRes. 

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