Clarke Controls- Effectively Communicating Key Messages

The Brief

Clarke Controls help businesses to minimise energy waste, saving them money and supporting the Net Zero agenda. 

As well as working with businesses directly, Clarke Controls is a supplier to a large energy utility company. They wanted a simple, engaging and consistent way to communicate key messages around how their system works and the benefits and engaged Feature Media to produce an explainer animation for them. 

The Process

The first step in the process is to really understand our customer’s business, so we worked closely with Clarke Controls key decision-makers to understand their products and services and their audience and in many instances their competitors. This is all discussed as part of our Discovery meeting. 

Following this Feature Media work on a draft script, to flesh out key messages and develop written visual ideas. Terminology is not always correct at this stage, but we find it really helps our customers to begin thinking about what messaging is important and the flow of the animation. 

Once Clarke Controls signed off the script and initial visual ideas, we produced a hand-drawn storyboard and concept work. This really helped the Sales Director and Managing Director visualise the content and style of the animation. This step in the creative process is another opportunity to sense check how the animation will work. 


Following preproduction, we created all the assets and put together a vector storyboard and further concept work to demonstrate our understanding of how assets in their customer’s business, work in conjunction with Clarke Controls heating control system. Finally, we animated a full first draft of the animation, with our animator’s voice used as a voice-over guide track. 

Clarke Controls were keen to use a female voice over artist with a North-eastern regional accent. Research has found that certain accents illicit subconscious responses from an audience. In this instance, they wanted a voice over artist that the audience would associate with trust and reliability.  

Following our review process, Clarke Controls signed off the explainer animation. We provided another slightly differently branded version for their Energy Partner to use and created a YouTube channel, where the animations could be hosted. 

The Result

The explainer animation has been added to Clarke Controls website and included in e-mail marketing campaigns to existing customers and new prospects. It is being used by their Energy Partner to train their sales teams and educate customers. 

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