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Award-Winning manufacturer Cormar Carpets are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of carpets and pride themselves on the high quality of their products and services. They are a family-owned, 5th generation business that has been producing carpets since 1956. They make and deliver carpets to around 3,000 Cormar Carpet Company retailers across the UK and have won over forty carpet and flooring awards over the years. 

The Brief

Cormar Carpet Company wanted to develop a series of videos for training their next generation of operators, making the process quicker and providing an accessible training resource they can refer to whenever a refresher is needed. The goal with the videos was to share best practices and decrease machine downtime, which costs the company thousands of pounds in wasted material, resources, and time.  

Cormar Carpets Co. also wanted to produce a Health and Safety video so they could train people efficiently and using a consistent message. Using an online learning tool, subcontractors can even be inducted off-site so that time on site can be utilised. 

The Process

We worked closely with Cormar Carpets to develop their scripts. This process also helped Cormar to refine their processes and procedures. 

Once the script was agreed, we discussed how the words would be visually represented and although a storyboard wasn’t required on this occasion, we have a very detailed list of shots, which we then used to schedule the whole shoot. We filmed the Health and Safety video over three days and across two sites. As we were shooting out of sequence it was essential to keep a track of shots and provided flexibility on the day if something was quite ready, we could move onto another sequence. It also made filming efficient because we could group shots at different sites and according to when employees were available, and processes were being carried out. 

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) were shot, often two or three in a day to maximise efficiency and value for money. 

A first draft edit of each video was produced in line with our agreed delivery schedule, which outlines each stage of the process and when we require feedback from the client. 

Feature Media customers’ can feedback using our brilliant online feedback portal, which notifies us when feedback is given. All feedback can then be checked off by our editors and animators. 

Once the final video comments were received, we delivered the video and uploaded it to their company video streaming platform so Cormar Carpets Co could share all videos with their employees. 

The Results

Cormar Carpets have implemented the collection of videos on a series of iPads installed around their factory. They are tracking and recording operator engagement and how much money is being saved thanks to the readily available training resource for staff to refer to when there is a machine error. 

Cormar Carpet Company approached Feature Media again in 2021 to update their health and safety videos with new messaging and branding. As health and safety regulations often get updated it’s important that training videos are updated also. It can be costly to start from scratch and make new training videos, but in this case, it was an easy process, and we could simply update the messaging in the original video. As Feature Media had already worked with Cormar Carpet Company on the original video it was a very smooth and hassle-free process. 

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