Cormar Carpets – Training Videos

Cormar Carpets Training Videos:

Award Winning manufacturer Cormar Carpets are the No. 1 carpet supplier in the UK and pride themselves on the high quality of their products and services. They wanted to develop a series of videos for training their next generation of operators, making the process quicker and providing an accessible training resource they can refer back to whenever a refresher is needed. The goal was to decrease machine down-time which costs the company thousands in wasted material, resource and time.

The Process

We worked closely with Cormar Carpets on scripts and storyboards in pre production to ensure the videos were as engaging and informative as possible whilst also complying with their safety standards. We filmed and edited a series of training videos demonstrating the standard operating procedures the trainees must master.

The Results

Cormar Carpets have implemented the collection of videos on a series of iPads installed around their factory. They are tracking and recording operator’s engagement and how much money is being saved thanks to the readily-available training resource for staff to refer to when there is a machine error.

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