Enviroment Bank- Launching a New Plan for the Planet

“When I played the PR videoat our internal launch meeting, there were tears and applause…

Fraser Rutherford, Marketing Manager 

Environment Bank works with landowners to create nationwide networks of habitats banks to ensure that organisations meet their biodiversity net gain requirements. They’ve done this by creating Biodiversity Net Gain Credits.

Landowners are guaranteed 30 years of income for establishing and maintaining habitat banks. For developers and planning authorities, it’s a cost-effective and risk-free route to meet biodiversity net gain requirements and achieve sustainable development.

The Brief

EB wanted to launch their new brand, website and BNG Credits with the help of two videos and social teasers: 

  • A PR video that speaks to their reason for being. A genuine passion for the environment and the issues facing the planet, complemented by a team with huge experience and expertise that make EB part of the solution. 
  • A commercial video that explains the mechanics of BNG credits: Who they are for, how they work and the benefits. 
  • Social Media Teasers 

The Process

Feature Media worked with EB’s Marketing Manager and PR associate to develop the content for each video.  

We developed a content structure for each video, which outlined key messages, who was responsible for talking about them, the visuals to accompany the points being made and locations. 

Following this, Feature Media worked with EB to organise two filming dates, in North Yorkshire and in Devon, to interview the Founder, David Hill, CEO, James Cross, a landowner on the journey to develop habitat banks with EB, and two EB ecologists. 


We produced a full shoot schedule, making best use of interviewees’ time and crew efficiency on each day. 

After filming we put together sequences for each interviewee and went through these with EB to identify which comments would go into each video and those that might go across both. Once we had these, we built a structure for each video. We prioritised the PR video to make sure EB were able to hit their planned launch date. Subsequent edits were produced as the launch rolled out. 

Shooting in winter wasn’t ideal for demonstrating a habitat bank in full ‘bloom’ and capturing particular species so we also used stock video, which needed to be signed off by EB’s ecologists. 

The Result

Environment Bank have added drone footage to their web banner.  

They are currently using the videos with specific audiences, Local Planning Authorities, Landowners and Developers and since its launch, they have received several significant enquiries. 

Investors are also using EB videos as a case study when talking about their portfolio. 

Finally, as they continue to grow, EB will use the videos to introduce new starters to the company vision, values and their unique product. 

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