Justmylook- Standing Out on the Underground

Justmylook are a beauty, skincare products and accessories company, based in Yorkshire. They currently sell products via an e-commerce site, which is growing its customer base rapidly.

The Brief

The Directors approached Feature Media, following a customer recommendation, to support them with a sponsorship video for a prestigious Beauty Awards event. Following the success of this video, Justmylook approached us to produce their video display ads on the London Underground.

The Process

With Black Friday looming, Justmylook wanted to create a video display ad that would catch the attention of commuters. We put together discussed the key messages and visual content required and utilised stock sites to search for appropriate models and beauty accessories.

We created a playlist for Justmylook to review and comment on, via our online review platform.

Next, we created a concept to provide a look and feel for the campaign. Our creative team came up with the idea of turning the coloured stock video, black and white to fit with the theme of ‘Black Friday’. We used bold lettering that would stand out at a distance and was clean and modern, as well as being in keeping with Justmylook’s branding.


We searched for brand logos required and remade them, turning them white to stand out against the darker image behind, and added them to a ‘ticker tape’ style, scrolling logo band.

Following a review of the concept, Justmylook requested that we add colour back into key elements ie. The ladies’ lipsticks and hair colour. Also, a make-up brush that is flicked and sprays powder.

Below you can see how we used Adobe After Effects to add colour back into the makeup brush. This was done by duplicating the layer and removing the original black and white effect. Then using the Keylight effect we selected the colour that we wanted to keep. This removed everything else leaving only the black and white showing from the layer below.

Following the approval of the video, we supplied the files in two different screen ratios for the team at the London Underground to upload.

The Result

Using the video advertising on the London Underground, along with their other static campaigns has given Justmylook fantastic exposure.

We’ve since worked with them on a Mother’s Day and Easter Campaigns, the latter using the same style/techniques as the Black Friday campaign, along with Neon graphics, used in static campaigns. You can see this below.

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