KAI UK – 2D Product Animation

KAI UK – 2D Product Animation:

KAI Consulting, are a consultancy and software development company. They have developed a solution called Octopus PMI, specifically targeted at the Film and Television Production sector to reduce time and provide full visibility to production accounting.

With some early adopters, the software is revolutionising the way production accounting is done and delivering fantastic results, but a large part of the market are reluctant to change and feel it will be difficult to learn something new. KAI wanted to create an 2D explainer animation to identify the challenges that they currently face and highlight key features and benefits of Octopus PMI.

The Process

Feature Media met with KAI for a demonstration of the software, exploring key features and benefits and to gain an understanding of why they might be important to the audience.

Following the preproduction meeting Feature Media created the first draft of a script, which was discussed, amended and agreed. The next step was to create a storyboard and concept/mood board. KAI wanted to invest in a mid-advanced range animation so all the characters were bespoke. Because Octopus PMI is effectively an accounting/finance package, there were also lots of tables and graphs to recreate. Feature Media’s animation team are fantastic designers and created all the graphic assets required in-house.

After a couple of iterations, we set about animating. Our animating process involves a first draft, using a guide track voice over to allow our customers to see how the script and animation work together. We also choose a music track at this stage, which customers are free to feedback on and change. At Feature Media we provide a feedback form, for our customers to fill in timings and comments. We use this as a working document.

After a first round of feedback from KAI Consulting, with all decision makers involved, Feature Media completed amends and send for final review. At this stage, final amends should just be tweaks. Then we book the professional voice over and purchase the chosen music track.

The Results

KAI are not only using their animation on their website but also in pitches and presentations to prospects. They have received great feedback and are happy that the animation is doing a lot of the ‘selling’ of the features and benefits.

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