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Feature Media Helps KRTS International Generate New Leads With Animation

“We really enjoyed working with FM – we got to meet all of the team, they got to know us and got to know our product. FM listened to every amendment and dealt with it appropriately and didn’t take offense to any comments The process was clear from the outset, filling the feedback form in and it was clear where we were at each stage of the process. We knew what needed to be done and when it needed to be done, which was really helpful for planning and gave us a sense of achievement at each stage.”

Dr Liz Royle, Director, KRTS International

KRTS International provides solutions for workplace trauma. They deliver three main services, an eHealth trauma support program, a digital health app that allows organisations to immediately respond to crisis and emergency situations, and also CPD certified, digital, and blended training courses.  

The Brief

KRTS International found out about Feature Media from a recommendation from their web app builder. They enquired about a short animation to help explain their new app Power to Respond. KRTS International had won a grant from Innovate UK and they decided that in order to help promote the app release and managers training, they would put some of this money towards an animation.   

They wanted to showcase the many ways in which the Power to Respond app could help businesses react to trauma. It was also important to them that it was explained that the app could help employees support others but also allow individual employees to help themselves.  

Due to the pandemic, there has been heightened workplace trauma and it’s been increasingly difficult for businesses to remotely support their employees. The Power to Respond app tackles both of these very current issues that are facing many businesses- this is why it was important to make clear with animation what benefits it could give to employees and employers.   

The Process

Feature Media started by asking KRTS about the main functions and benefits that they wanted to be included in the animation, then the scriptwriting process began. We often start with scriptwriting as this acts as a guide for what visuals are going to accompany the voice-over. Once the first draft of the script was sent over KRTS could begin to clarify what messages they wanted to put out. When sending out messages around trauma and mental health it is very important to think carefully about how to approach the subject. Feature Media took the time to really make sure that everything explained in the video clearly demonstrated the benefits of the app for everyone that uses it.   

Feature Media then began to put some of the visuals together for the animation. We use storyboards to help us map out the animation and also give our clients an idea of what their animation will look like. After the client is happy with everything our animator Joe can begin to piece together the video. It’s very important to us at Feature Media that the client is aware of everything we’re working on at different stages. We keep our clients updated so that amends can be made along the way.   

The Results

KRTS International were very pleased with the outcome of the video. They felt the process was made easier by Feature Media making the effort to really understand the Power to Respond app. The process was made very clear from the start. Completing each stage and then finishing with a finalised video gave KRTS International a real sense of achievement throughout the process.  

KRTS International have been using the video in an email campaign, which they got a great response from. They are also currently working on a digital marketing strategy with the inclusion of an e-brochure and want to use the animation to complement this.  

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