Laser Quantum – 3D Product Explainer

Laser quantum – Using 3d animation to convert more customers:

Laser Quantum design and manufacture lasers for Academic research. Their laser technology is innovative and works differently to traditional lasers so they wanted to educate their market about the technology and why its better.

The Process

Usually Feature Media write scripts for their customers and typically that’s because we can simplify complex technical messages for a non technical, decision maker audience.

In this instance, however Laser Quantum’s audience are highly technical academics that need to understand detailed scientific information so we left the scripts to LQ’s engineers.

We did however need to understand how the technology worked, in order to convert LQ’s CAD drawings to our 3d software, sorting each component, adding an infinite white background and lighting rig. With some of the 3d animations we also had to build extraneous components, from scratch, using some google images as references, we built a microscope and photo-detector.

Next we added shaders and materials, giving the surface a highly polished metal finish and the lasers a light glow.

Finally, we fitted a camera, using it to follow the system/laser from start to finish.

The Results

Laser Quantum are using the 3d animations in their marketing to educate prospects. They are also using animations to qualify leads, before sending out expensive equipment and a team to demo, saving thousands of pounds.

When bought out by a US firm, their 3d animations were mentioned as a beneficial asset to the business and a further investment was made to produce more animations. There are 5 to date.

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