Leeds University – Promotional Film

Leeds University Promotional Film:

The Medical Technology department at Leeds University have been working with businesses in the medical manufacturing and pharmaceutical sectors to provide collaborative reseach programmes.

IKC wanted to produce a series of case studies to demonstrate their value to businesses and share success stories.

The Process

Feature Media worked with the team at Leeds University to put together a series of films, which could be used to help them market themselves to businesses and internally, within the University.

During our pre-production service, we worked with Leeds University to put scripts together which ‘de-jargonised’ the work that they do and helped their audience to clearly understand the benefits that they offer. One of the barriers to engagement they felt was that they were an academic institution and as such have a stigma of not understanding private sector challenges – the need for efficient processes and ability to adhere to budgets and meet deadlines, for example.

We filmed five interviewees within a short period of time, during an event they were holding at the University. We knew we were going to be dealing with a ‘Talking Head’ situation but wanted to use a second camera on a track and ‘hero shots’ to add visual interest. See our Production services section for details on more of the high quality filming techniques we employ.

The Results

The Medical Technology IKC are using the films on the Leeds University website and as marketing collatoral, to bring on board new projects and as evidence to funders of their success. The films impressed senior academics at the University and cemented existing relationships with businesses.

Watch the testimonial above to hear from Rowan Grant, who we worked with closely throughout the project.

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