Monitor IT – Animation

The Brief

The CHALLENGE for Monitor IT, a transaction management & software development company, was to promote a complex solution to a difficult-to-reach client base. Both goals were achieved by using a stylish, hand-drawn animation presented in a video brochure format.

Monitor IT produced and delivered 100 copies of the video brochure, an investment that would be fully covered by just two small sales. The results have been very positive…

The Process

Feature Media worked with the fantastic Tim Bulmer in pre production to create a base storyboard, then a more involved one which was signed-off by the client. Filming took place over 1 day at Feature Media’s studios.

These are always tricky to light and shoot; from paper bending and slipping, to Tim’s head creeping into shot…. it is never as easy as it looks! Each frame took around 20mins to paint and was speeded up in post-production to just 6 seconds.

Here is a behind the scenes peek at the production of this engaging hand-drawn animation.

The finished brochure is very effective.

The Results

In follow up sales calls, Monitor IT found that 90% of their difficult to reach client base remembered receiving the brochure and either watched the animation themselves, or had passed it on to the relevant person. From Monitor IT’s perspective, this is a result which is so good it is almost unheard of!

They now have 24 new leads that they are following up on as a direct result of the video brochure campaign.


“Results were excellent! We gained 24 new leads since the video brochure campaign.”

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