US Advanced photonics, vision and motion control technologies, Novanta, choose Feature Media to shoot their Promotional Video.

Novanta, Beryllium mirrors case study:

The brief:

Novanta are a global manufacturer of advanced photonics, vision and motion control technologies that deliver extreme precision and performance to medical and advanced industrial OEMs.

Having worked with Novanta for several years, producing 3d animations to demonstrate the benefits of their advanced photonics products, Johanna Ramos, Senior Marketing Manager for Photonics at Novanta asked us to produce a video, to promote their unique work to manufacture Beryllium mirrors.

The process:

Beryllium is a highly carcinogenic material and 50% of the process is therefore done in a controlled environment, where hazmat suits and breathing apparatus are required. Not only that but anything that comes out of the room must go through a shower to ensure no Beryllium dust escapes.

This meant finding a solution where the camera equipment could be covered, but still give us the ability to roll the focus wheel. We also needed to think about how we would deal with lens changes. After some research and testing we came up with a solution.

At the same time Novanta were undertaking a detailed investigation of health and safety policies and procedures and it was agreed that it would be impossible for a camera crew to enter the controlled area. We therefore had to look at alternative options.

The Manufacturing Manager, Matthew Galea at the site was a keen amateur photographer and familiar with using a DSLR camera for stills. We decided to go to site the day before filming, to carry out a recce of the site and deliver training to Mattew so he could go into the Beryllium manufacturing area and get the shots required. We checked and critiqued shots during breaks and Matt reshot when needed but did an amazing job under very difficult conditions.

Whilst Matthew captured those shots we filmed other parts of the manufacturing process, general office, site shots, and drone footage.


Matthew had shot hand-held because it was impossible to take in a tripod, so it was important to stabilise shots in post-production.

We sourced and auditioned several voice-over artists com,missioned and edited in the successful voice over artist, once chosen.

We also put together animated graphics to provide simple on-screen messaging, identifying process steps and added whip transitions punctuated the video, to help with pace and flow.


Novanta will be using the video in the first instance as an internal video to promote their capabilities and expertise to other product divisions of Novanta.

The video will also be used by sales teams to qualify prospects and demonstrate everything that is involved in the manufacture of beryllium mirrors: process complexity, expertise, technical excellence, manual precision, cutting edge equipment and investment required to keep employees safe.

” we were impressed by Feature Media’s ability to understand our vision and it’s reflected by the end result. Thank you, Julie and team, for not only delivering an excellent video, but doing it in a timely manner.”

Johanna Ramos, Senior Marketing Manager, Photonics at Novanta

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