The Brief

RML is one of the leading high performance automotive engineering companies in the world. They specialise in delivering Touring Car, GT, Sports Prototype and Rallying programmes in major motorsport series for global automotive brands.

The video was required to re-launch the JUKE-R to a very select audience.

The requirement has been to capture the unique essence and excitement of JUKE-R, with the challenge of communicating to a very eclectic mix of interested parties.

The Process

Existing footage of the JUKE-R had already been shot but RML needed us to put it together, with stock images to produce a high impact, TV advert style film.

We worked on sourcing stock footage that could be edited in to the existing shot footage and put a rough edit together.

“The methodology was very helpful in taking me through a complex thought process which undoubtedly resulted in a better outcome.”

Andy King, Head of Marketing

It was important that the opening section had a sense of anticipation, which was then unleashed to demonstrate the power to the car. Including information about RML Mallock to provide authenticity and statistics about performance was also key.

In post production, we used a fast editing style to complement the music track and to add to the feeling of speed, aggression and fun. The on screen text was given a twitchy, modern style that was inkeeping with the overall look and feel.

Finally, we provided file formats for on and offline viewing.

The Results

RML intend to play the film privately to potential customers on tablets; on flat screens in high-end dealerships and as links in e-mails to clients who they’re unable to meet face to face. We’ll follow up with RML soon to find out how they’re getting on.


“FM quickly understood the unique demands of the brief and provided some very helpful input; being open, flexible and very engaging to work with.”

Andy King, Head of Marketing