The Five Levels of Formality- Transforming Training with Video

We came to Julie having had a substandard experience with someone else previously. We were anxious about it as it had been a costly mistake before. From the beginning to the end we were dealt with professionally and efficiently. Any amendments requested were taken on board and dealt with. The process is flawless. We are absolutely over the moon with the end product.  

Paul Robinson

The Five Levels of Formality is a network marketing book written by Danny Rich and Paul Robinson. Danny and Paul are friends and business partners, who are both active distributors at leadership level with a leading UK network marketing company. They co-authored The Five Levels of Formality with their combined years of experience in network marketing. The book’s purpose is to equip distributors with the skills and mindset to build a successful business.

The Brief

Danny and Paul first approached Feature Media as they were interested in creating training videos to accompany The Five Levels of Formality book. Although Danny and Paul give in-person training they wanted to move away from charging for their finite time and develop high-quality training videos, which would deliver paid for content, via an online learning platform, whilst they slept. These training videos would give their clients the freedom to access the training content at their own convenience. Due to pandemic, online training material has become the norm, many people now work remotely so in-person training isn’t an option. These online training videos would also allow Danny and Paul to expand their audiences as they would no longer be limited by the location of their clients.

Danny and Paul had already previously had a substandard experience with another video production company, which had been a costly mistake. The previous production company had finished the training videos, but Danny and Paul weren’t pleased with the finished product. As their clients would have to pay to access these videos, they knew these videos had to be high quality, which the previous videos weren’t. They approached this new project with caution and reached out to Feature Media after a recommendation from some of our previous customers. From the start, they felt confident that Feature Media was right for the job due to how professionally the job was approached.

The Process

Feature Media discussed the possibility of repurposing some of the previous footage and refilming certain scenes. We hoped that this would be possible as it would mean not having to reshoot all the videos and would reduce costs. However, Danny and Paul agreed it would be best to start from scratch. As their clients would have to pay, they felt the videos needed to look professional from start to finish.

The training videos were already scripted and planned out, they simply needed to be refilmed. Danny and Paul wanted a change in location for the filming of the new videos. Feature Media offered up a few options and recommendations of locations. Once the location had been chosen a filming schedule was put together and filming could begin.


When reshooting the training videos, we used an autocue, due to the length of the scripts this massively helped the process of filming. The training videos are comprised of sections of piece to camera, as well as role-play scenarios filmed against a green screen.

In order to make editing more efficient Feature Media applied and showed examples of graphics on one of the training videos, this video would act as a bassline for all the training videos. Once graphics had been agreed on and Danny and Paul were happy with the bassline video, video editing could start across all the training videos. This process meant that there were fewer amends to be made at the end of the project, ultimately saving a lot of time. The outcome of the project was a high-quality training course with almost 2 hours of content.

The Result

Danny and Paul were thrilled with the end product and they both felt the process was flawless, from start to finish. The training videos will appear on their website where customers will pay to access them. They also plan on working with Feature Media to create a marketing teaser that will include the link to purchase the videos.

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