The Brief

Over the past five years, we have been working with the West Yorkshire Probation Trust to provide them with a range of video solutions, including:

– Service user consultations

– Documenting case studies

– Sharing best practise

– Communicating and promoting new initatives – both internally and externally

– Inducting staff and recruitment in hard to recruit areas of the organisation

– Editing audio interviews for audio commentary playback in waiting rooms

– Training

The Process

We have worked with WYP Trust to provide a wide range of video products, with different outcomes, audiences and participants – from the Chairman and senior probation officers to volunteers, service users and community members.See our Production services section for details on more of the high quality filming techniques we employ.

The Results

Feature Media have had some fantastic feedback from across the probation service. Please see the video testimonial, the WYP Trust staff made for us.