WYKE BECK VALLEY PRIDE – Promotional Video

The Brief

Wykebeck Valley Pride:

The Wykebeck Valley pride was a project in an area of East Leeds, that had become very unloved and unused. The project was about getting local people involved in their environment; getting them out and about and linking them up with local businesses, community groups and schools.

Those involved in the project wanted to document their activities to date, promote the project and widen their engagement further to ensure substainability.

The Process

In pre production Feature Media worked with the Ahead Partnership and the Local Council department responsible. This was to extract key messages, through interviews and make sure there was a balance from the different groups involved.

We used an over-cranking technique on the camera during production to create a slow-motion effect, This gives quite a dreamlike quality to the film and captures the look of joy and wonderment on the faces of the young participants, as they study the creatures they find. Read more on our post production services here.





The Results

Once finished Wykebeck valley used local events and online platforms to not only show the film but promote the project. To date over 3,500 people have engaged with the project.