ANIMATION can make the complicated… simple!

28th September 2020

We love working with Manufacturers. Your products are amazing, deliver fantastic benefits and are great value for money. It would be a shame if your potential customers couldn’t understand them.

We know this can be an issue for many sales teams. At Feature Media, we can create animations that can quickly and clearly explain your product at any stage of the sales process.

93% of businesses who use ‘explainer animations’ believe that it has
increased user understanding of their product or service…
Source (


39% of businesses are yet to add
any video to their marketing strategy.
Source (

Could this be an opportunity for you…? Here’s an example…

We were lucky enough to work with Melissa at Cryotherm, a leading specialist in fire protection. Fire insulation is essential. Your life could depend on it. In the office, the shops, the airport… The challenge for Melissa was helping Cryotherm’s customers understand the need for:

”Uniquely designed structural fire protection casing systems.”

Yes, a challenge.

Melissa knew video marketing was growing in popularity and could see how an animation would be beneficial in explaining technical and complex products.

80% of video marketers say video has directly helped increase sales.
Source (

We worked hard to create 3D models of the product, add textures, bring the animation to life and finally add the voice over. Our first draft was very well received and, after a few tweaks, Melissa signed-off and we uploaded to YouTube. Click play and take a look…

The animation is:
• easily loaded onto tablets and laptops
• great for sales managers to use in meetings and presentations.
• can be used on your website, social media and many other platforms.

Melissa and the team received great feedback from customers about how easy the animation is to understand So much so, they’ve commissioned another one.

Fun fact: Cryotherm even fitted insulation to a building used by a props company, that just so happened to be part of the movie Star Wars The Last Jedi. We think that’s pretty amazing.

For more on Cryotherm, take a look here:

If you want to know how animation can help your manufacturing business, let’s talk.

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