Strengthen your firm’s trusted reputation through client video testimonials

11th December 2019

One major reason your potential clients will pick you over a competitor is because they believe you’re a trustworthy company as confirmed by both peers and your online presence. Professional services businesses rely heavily on client testimonials and reviews to showcase this and traditionally these have always been in written form, but how much more powerful could they be if they were video testimonials?

Ditching words in favour of video testimonials 

If you have a brilliant testimonial from a client it needs to be noticed by other potential clients. There are plenty of Google-able statistics on how much more powerful video is at attracting attention than written content in today’s digital world, so it makes sense to explore video testimonials as an alternative. Video enables you to use creative storytelling to explain exactly how your services have helped; by featuring past and existing clients  your audience can see who you’ve helped.

Here’s why video testimonials are so versatile:

  • They can be shared across social media channels
  • They’re great on websites 
  • They can be used during the sales process 
  • They can play on a screen at trade shows or in reception to welcome visitors 
  • They’re a great driver in email marketing 
  • They can be used throughout the entire sales funnel, which is explained in the graphic below.

Overall, client video testimonials are likely to reach a much wider audience and that presents businesses with an opportunity to reach and engage with people outside their immediate network.  

To better understand how client video testimonials could raise the profile of your professional services business take a look at our portfolio for recent case studies or arrange a 1-2-1 with us by clicking the button below.

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