Why businesses are turning to video to improve internal communications

18th February 2020

In his famous book Start with Why, Simon Sinek talks about why, when great leaders put employees first, it improves customer service and overall business profitability. First published in 2011, it’s still an extremely relevant book, not just for leaders, but for anyone involved with internal communications. 

In a digital and visual world and one filled with influencers and brand ambassadors, employers are exploring new ways to talk to and engage with their employees and one of the biggest trends to emerge is the use of video. Why has this shift happened and what makes video such an appealing option for internal comms?

Video marketing is cost effective

Like everything in the world, the more common and widely used something becomes the more accessible it tends to be. The incredible scope of smartphone cameras and the editing and filming apps available to download, along with the growth in specialists features like drone footage and augmented reality has given us a huge spectrum of video options to suit any budget. 

It’s opened up many more possibilities for internal communications; staff can record their own video message about a process, update or good news story and send it straight to a server or intranet. And when compared directly with face-to-face training costs video is far more cost effective for staff training. 

Video marketing is suitable for all sectors

This increasing accessibility has led to video being considered for sectors and industries which would previously considered video expensive and irrelevant. But, consider how widespread phone-shot video is on dedicated business channels like Linkedin – we see clips from networking events, in cars, in offices, in training – and from businesses in law, accountancy, construction, manufacturing, retail. Video is already in the marketing mix for every sector externally that maximising its potential internally is the next obvious step.

Video marketing reaches beyond job titles

Internal communications is often the last thing to be considered or overlooked by busy directors who are focused on the pipeline and increasing sales, but if we go back again to Sinek’s Start With Why, and consider the impact of an engaged and loyal staff we realise that it’s not an outside in approach, but an inside out one which will deliver the outcomes directors want. Using video as part of internal comms marketing enables two way dialogue between the more senior and junior people in an organisation, it encourages a reciprocal culture which feeds both the needs of the business owner (more sales, happy and loyal customers) and the employees (to feel valued, to understand their personal contribution to the wider success of the business). 

The workplace of the future will be one which is adaptable, responsive and, importantly, connected to both customers and employees. The use of video will be instrumental in making that happen – the only question is do you start now, or play catch up?

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