How internal communication videos are revolutionising employee engagement

7th April 2020

The world of employee engagement is changing and video is playing a pivotal role in the modernisation of internal communications. Highly engaged employees equate to profitable, sustainable business growth whilst disengaged employees, in contrast, lead to high staff turnover, costly and time consuming recruitment processes reduced productivity, and even issues around reputation. 

There are many reasons employees feel disengaged and this feeling of disconnect ripples out, causing dangerous waves across a whole organisation. It can happen to employees working at different levels, and at any time. Using video to communicate with employees offers the ability to talk to both senior and junior level employees in a way that is comfortable and familiar.

The broadcast nature of video provides mass coverage in a short space of time. This is useful in a range of situations. For example, during a crisis senior directors may need to speak to all employees to share updates and messages, or, if a new process or system has been implemented, say around payroll, it’s important that all employees receive the update.

Building two-way trust and stronger working relationships

Ultimately, employers want to attract the best talent and nurture relationships to retain loyal and engaged employees, video can help do this through fostering a culture of openness, develop and maintain trusting relationships between employers and employees by bridging the gap between them. 

10 surprising ways video is changing employee engagement

1.Video cuts out the clutter in inboxes.

2. Video versions of employee handbooks, corporate newsletters and other important corporate messages are easier to digest for employees. 

3. Improves employee relations by enabling senior level employees to cross traditional divides and makes them more approachable; connecting with everyone within an organisation. 

4. Avoids miscommunication. Emails can be misunderstood, skim read when in a rush and forgotten about, read in the wrong tone or not read at all. Videos on company networks can be saved and watched at any time helping ensure accurate messages are received.

5. Saves time on meetings, we all know nobody likes to attend a meeting that could have been an email, but it could be even less time consuming information through short, frequent video updates! 

6. Creating authentic video messages builds connections and creates a sense of belonging and community. Videos are versatile and can be watched on a variety of platforms and devices so employers can find a way to reach and communicate with their different employees in the most appropriate way. 

7. Promoting employee achievements and welcoming new members of staff, making employees feel more valued. 

8. Effective training tool. Brands are always posting tutorials on how to use their products or information about their services and know this is effective for customers. Upskilling and training staff through video, that they can rewatch is also an efficient in house training method. 

9. Accessibility – video with closed captions provides more accessible content than printed or emailed documents only. 

10. Allowing real time access to events, meetings and seminars for staff unable to attend through using live video broadcasting that can also be accessed at a later date. 

Ready to start creating loyal, engaged employees?

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