5 Reasons internal communications videos will motivate employees

14th April 2020

Have you ever experienced working in an environment where communication is poor? It has seriously detrimental impacts to employee engagement and motivation and, ultimately, leads to employees leaving. Regardless of industry, miscommunication, or no communication at all leads to low morale and toxic atmospheres. Here’s how video is changing the game and helping motivate both employees and employers.

1. Create a culture of communication

Implementing video strategies is a starting point for you as an employer to show commitment to doing things differently to create a supportive culture of effective communication and positivity within the workplace. Video is an effective way to reach and engage with all employees, regardless of their position. Encouraging employees to get involved in video conversations also helps them see the value in their contributions to the wider organisation. 

2. Drive personal and professional development

When employees get the chance to develop, both personally and professionally, they thrive. Video is a great way for employers to support employees to pursue their passions, and help them achieve professional goals. When used as a training tool, video is a great way to provide easy access to training as and when employees require it, and enable them to learn at a speed with which they are comfortable. The simple process of recognising the desire to progress and improve can massively motivate employees. The result is a highly-skilled, engaged team which knows its valued and supported. That can only be a positive thing for everyone.  

3. Encourage innovation, creativity and collaboration

Invite employees to get Involved with the creation of video. Show them video doesn’t need to be a one way communication channel for managers to speak to employees but a way for all to share knowledge, tips and ideas to transform the way teams work together. For example you could run a regular team spotlight to celebrate employee successes. This way of communicating will show how employees in different roles and departments bring value and encourage teams to support one another to develop creative new ways to work together and perform better. 

4. Build better leaders

With 87% of people wanting to work for companies that are transparent with their customers and employees, transparency amongst managers and employees is an ever important aspect of being an inspiring leader, as is effective communication. Video offers a vehicle to do this. By asking for suggestions, getting employees involved in decision making as well as listening, understanding and responding is a powerful way leaders can develop motivated teams. Videos can help achieve this in a way that also encourages better relationships between managers and employees by gaining a personal connection you wouldn’t get through methods such as email.

5. Share the positivity

Video is a great way to increase positivity at work. Creating engaging content and encouraging a collaborative environment by using video will help employees of all levels to connect, whether it’s between different locations, departments, remote workers or CEOs, everyone can be involved in conversations, work together easily, share news and celebrate successes together to promote workplace positivity. 

If it’s not clear yet, video is becoming an unmissable element of internal comms strategies. Well planned out video strategies have helped companies boost team morale, increase motivation and develop high performing teams whilst reducing time and stress caused by poor communication.

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