International Podcast Day: Using Podcasts to Grow Your Business

30th September 2021

Podcasts are not only entertaining but can also be used as a great marketing tool for your business. When utilised properly in a marketing strategy, branded or business-focused podcasts can be used to increase conversions. Around 7.1 million people in the UK listen to podcasts each week, which goes to show just how popular they are as a form of content. In this blog, we will cover the six benefits that your business will see when starting a podcast.  

1. They can build brand awareness 

In a podcast, you can share your business goals, ideology, and vision. Your audience will hear your brand voice and really be able to connect with your business. By building this relationship with your audience and strengthening your brand awareness you will increase the likelihood of a conversion. 

2. Direct traffic to your website  

When used properly in a marketing strategy, a business-focused or branded podcast can be an effective way to get more traffic to your website and more eyes on your content, which ultimately leads to more sales. You can do this by using call-to-action prompts, such as sharing a discount code or asking them to follow you on socials.  

3. Establish you as an industry expert  

By establishing yourself as an industry expert your business will grow, customers will be more likely to buy products or services from a business that they consider an authority. You can do this by sharing your specialty knowledge within your podcast. You not only want to share your knowledge but present it in an engaging and entertaining way.  

6.Retain your customers 

Podcasts can be a great way of keeping your previous customers up to date. It can often be hard maintaining a relationship with previous customers especially when your business starts to grow. Podcasts are a great way to reach a multitude of previous customers and share company news. Podcasts often feel more personal than an email update, so will make your customers feel more connected to your business.  

5.Build your network 

Podcasting allows you to reach out to others within your industry and build on your network. You can invite guests to your podcast to share their industry knowledge. By having a guest, you also reach their audience. Ask your guest to promote and share your podcast on their socials to widen your audience further.  

7.They can increase SEO 

Once you have a complete podcast you can transcribe it into blog content. Regularly producing blog content will improve your search ranking.  

If you have a guest this also creates a backlinking opportunity. If they share a link back to your podcast or the podcast transcript that is on your website, this will also improve your search ranking.  

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