What Makes a Great Product Video?

26th July 2021

A product video helps introduce a product or service to an audience and shows off tangible benefits to consumers. The audience should walk away from your product video feeling like all their problems can be solved, if they invested in your product.  

The best thing about product videos is consumers love them, 72% of consumer say they prefer to learn about a product via video On top of this people process visual data a lot faster than text, meaning that product videos are more beneficial when teaching consumers about products.  

So, what goes into making a great product video? It’s not as simple as just listing off the benefits. Product videos are made to inspire and persuade. Have a look at our product video tips, below. 

Idenitfy the problem

Your product video should identify your audiences’ problems or pain points and then show them how your product or service can directly solve them. You also want to demonstrate why your product meets the needs of your audience better than competitors, focus on your unique selling points – sometimes prospects can mistakenly think that your product is similar to one they already have. 

In this video for Ecofficiency a rhetorical question is used at the start to speak directly to the audience. The rhetorical question outlines a problem faced by the audience and makes them feel understood, this is a great technique for identifying your audience’s pain points in product videos.

Staying on brand

Marketers will know this but if you don’t have access to marketing support, it’s worth checking that your video or animation is on-brand. Make sure you’re using all your brand logos, fonts and colours. You want your existing customers to be able to recognise that this is a product from your business. 

You also need to ensure that your company’s tone and personality is also consistent, this means using the same language and phrases as you do across all your marketing.  

Using social proof

Social proof often plays a huge role in consumers buying decisions. Although it’s not essential to include social proof in your product video, it can aid in your audience forming trust with your brand. Social proof can be anything from a customer testimonial to stating that your product is used by industry leaders. It can also involve consumer/influencer demos, where appropriate.  

In this video created for BookingTek statistics are used as social proof. Statistics will act as evidence, making your brand appear more trustworthy to your audience.

Keeping it short

Long-form video is not appropriate when it comes to product videos. You want to ensure your audience watches the whole video, so short and sweet is always better, around 1 to 2 minutes.  

If you make anything longer you risk your audience losing interest and dropping off. Just focus on the key benefits of your product, rather than trying to list them all.  

There are different types of products videos, however. Product reveal videos are much more effective when kept short whereas product demo or training videos can afford to be longer.  

In this animated product video Feature Media created for Gridfox, the software is summarised in under 2 minutes, the perfect time for a product video. Although the Gridfox software has many features they didn’t need to all be explained in great depth. For a more in-depth look at all the features, a product demo video would be more appropriate, this video however was made to introduce the key features of the product to new audiences.  

Show off the product

The main reason people watch product videos is to see the product therefore, you want to show off your product from every angle. You also want to include some close-ups of the product to highlight key details and features.  

Make sure the video is shot in the highest resolution – 4K is appropriate for most or reproduced in 3D. Pay close attention to the lighting. 

In this video 3D animation is used to show off the product. 3D animation can be great for product videos as it can demonstrate products in ways that traditional video cannot. For example, in this video the animation shows how different levels of thickness affect the product.  

Include a CTA

You should always end with a call to action in a product video. This is the moment in your video your audiences are prompted to try or buy your product. If someone has sat through the entire video and reaches the CTA this shows interest in your product. Your CTA should guide your audience on the next stage of their buying journey, ask yourself what you want them to do next. 

This product video Feature Media created for AidCALL247 includes a CTA for the audience ‘to find out more’ by calling the number on the screen. The CTA is both in the text on screen and also vocalised by the voice-over.  

How can we help?

If you’re interested in creating a product video Feature Media can help. We have helped businesses in a variety of sectors release products with video, so if you feel like your business would benefit from a product video, please get in touch by using the contact form here.

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