World Social Media Day: Top Tips for Growing your Social Channels

30th June 2022

We started working with our client Spray Plant UK at the start of 2021. In celebration of World Social Media Day, we’re sharing some top tips on how we helped Spray Plant UK grow their social channels from a few hundred contacts to a thriving online community. 

Spray Plant UK saw the success their competitors were having on Instagram and Facebook and wanted to boost their own presence on these platforms. 

When we first started working with Spray Plant UK, they had 250 Instagram followers and 547 likes on Facebook, now they have 1616 Instagram followers and 750 likes on Facebook – having only recently added the occasional paid social advert, most of this growth has been completely organic! 

Top tips to grow your social channels:

1. Sharing knowledge  

Sharing your company’s knowledge and expertise online is a great way to engage your social media following. We started writing blogs for Spray Plant UK that we post on their website, share via email and on social media. These blogs help to direct Spray Plant UK’s social following to their website, increasing their chances of being converted into a customer. 

Creating blogs with valuable information improves shareability, putting your content in front of potential new customers or followers.   

2. User-generated content  

After some competitor research, we noticed that user-generated content (UGC) got the best engagement. We wanted to encourage Spray Plant UK’s own following to start sharing content with us. We did this by asking users in the bio to use #sprayplant when sharing their pictures and videos. By sharing customers content, we promote followers’ businesses in turn, which has created a true sense of loyalty between Spray Plant UK and their social following. We’re all helping each other. 

3. Competitions  

Competitions are a great way to drive new followers to your social media channels. We regularly host competitions on Spray Plant UK’s Instagram. These competitions are very successful at attracting and engaging audiences. We instruct their following to tag their followers in the comments in order to enter. This sends notifications out, directing possible new followers to Spray Plant’s Instagram. We also run competitions to encourage user-generated content, asking followers to tag us in their pictures and videos so that we can use these to post for possible future content.  

4. Consistently posting  

To be successful on any social channel you must post consistently. Your followers will expect to receive regular content. We achieve this for Spray Plant UK by making a content plan at the start of the month. A content calendar also means that we have diverse content, which helps keep Spray Plant UK’s followers engaged.  

5. Engaging with users  

Being active on social media isn’t just about regularly posting, it’s also important to engage with the community you have built. We often interact with Spray Plant UK’s followers by adding personality to Spray Plant UK’s online presence – responding with humour or warmth. Building a brand personality online helps people feel more connected with a company. We encourage conversation and engagement on Spray Plant UK’s social channels by asking questions in captions, this often leads to some great discussions and interactions in the comments section.  

6. Paid social adverts  

Once we exhausted techniques to grow Spray Plant UK’s social channels organically, we began implementing paid adverts. We most commonly use video when using paid social adverts, as this consistently performs the best, compared to other content. By using embedded code in Spray Plant UK’s website, we can directly target our adverts to people who have visited the website but not purchased – these highly targeted adverts convert really well. 

Spray Plant UK have seen great success when running social campaigns. A recent paid social advert Feature Media ran in April for Spray Plant UK accounted for a whopping 25% of overall online revenue! 

How can we help?

If you think your business would benefit from building an online presence, or you’d just like to pick our brains, get in touch for a no-obligation chat. 

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